The Ohio Theatre

Michael and Kelly Saddler purchased the Ohio Theatre May 1st, 2013 with the hopes to provide entertainment for all ages in Lima to enjoy.

l Venue Price List

      The Whole Lower Venue starting

       At $750.00

 Downstairs only (Bar Area) starting at $500.00

Upstairs only starting at $500.00

*(Depends on size of the event and if tables/chairs and linens are needed)

Staffing present during entire event

*(Number of staff depends on event size)

Deposit Policy

All Event bookings require half deposit day of booking and remainder of balance due 2 full weeks prior to the event.

*(Additional charges may apply such as open bar expenses)

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the event, your deposit will be returned to you $75.00 less.

If less than 60 days, The Ohio Theatre venue keeps the entire deposit.

If for any reason beyond The Ohio Theatre Venues control, such as damage, fire or any other unforeseen circumstance, refunds shall be returned in full to the renter that had been rendered.


Insurance Requirement

The Ohio Theatre carries normal and customary business insurance on the premises and Venue owned contents. The RENTER is responsible for insurance for their personal property, the renter’s guest, venders and others while in The Ohio Theatre. The insurance and contract must be in the same name. (Check with your Insurance Company for proper coverage and a copy is needed)


The Ohio Theatre Venue is not responsible for injury, death and/or loss of property during the time of rental. The renter shall pay for any and all damages, or loss or theft of property belonging to The Ohio Theatre Venue. The renter is individually and jointly responsible for all guest, Venders or any other persons associated with the Renter are to follow guidelines of this contract. The Ohio Theatre staff has the right to dismiss the Renter, vender, their guest or anyone associated with the renter for which they feel is unreasonable, rude or disorderly behavior. The Renter will be notified.

Permits and Licenses

Renter shall obtain all permits and licenses as required by law, ordinances, rules and regulations for the State of Ohio. Copies of all permits, licenses are to be given to The Ohio Theatre Venue 1 week prior to the event.



The Renter shall not be discriminated against in the use of The Ohio Theatre Venue due to race, religion, creed, color, political belief, national origin, color, age or sexual gender.



*All Venders need to be approved by The Ohio Theatre Venue

(15% gratuity charge for all catering services)

Alcohol & Beverages

ALL alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages must be purchased through The Ohio Theatre Venue. No guest is permitted to bring alcohol onto the premises. All alcohol will be dispensed by an employee of The Ohio Theatre Venue. By the laws of the State of Ohio, no person is permitted to leave the premises with an open alcoholic container. Open/Cash Bar available

Smoking is NOT permitted in The Ohio Theatre


Have a great time & enjoy your event!

This agreement is made on_____ day of _______, 20____ between The Ohio Theatre Venue and ______________________________(Renter)




Phone: (567)-712-6417



122 West North Street

Lima, Ohio 45801


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